As promised last time, we will give you a detailed account of what’s going on as we prepare for the Parent Expo 2017. Now, to get a good understanding of where we’re at right now, let me take you back in time and explain how we got here. So that’s what we will do over the next couple of weeks!

The very first step in planning a successful event is defining it. Like with all other projects, whether professional or personal, you have to identify your goal clearly in order to achieve it. That is why, about three months ago, we put our heads together and began to outline a goal for our event. We identified that our Parent Expo was going to be a one of a kind event. Let’s Get Together! works closely with schools, parent councils and parent leaders on a daily basis. We’ve seen the challenges they face when it comes to finding quality resources that are easy to access. We’ve worked with them time and again to ease their pains, and hence we decided that this event was going to fill that gap!

We began by putting together a list of all the different kinds of information that would be useful to this particular group of people, a.k.a. our  niche/our target market. Then, we began to think about what needed to be achieved via this event in order to meet our goal –  “Connecting Parents, Parent Councils, Schools and Communities with Local Learning Resources and Networking Opportunities”

Once we identified our target market and outlined a goal, we began to think of the means to deliver the event’s goal to our target audience. We asked ourselves questions like, “what resources would a parent council need to improve their fundraising efforts this year?” or “who would parent volunteers like to meet and talk to?” and “ what new and innovative ideas would parents like to connect with in order to help their kids learn and grow?”



In our Jr. Events Pro Workshop*, we talk about setting SMART Goals. You should set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Children can use this method of goal setting in many aspects of their daily as well as school lives. The same parameters can be used when setting Event Goals!

Brainstorming in this way helped us create a blueprint for the event. Via this exercise you want to ensure that you answer the “who” and “why” questions for your event. Goal setting is a crucial first step in event management. It helps create an order and a checkpoint for the weeks and weeks of planning ahead of you. Take the time to do this right and you’ll find yourself sailing smoothly as event day approaches.

Next time we’ll talk about how to answer the “when” and “where” for your event plan. So stay tuned, and until then, happy planning!

* The Jr. Event Pro Workshop teaches students grade 5-8 how to plan their own event. Students work in groups and create an event plan for of their own. In a fun and interactive environment students learn essential skills like goal setting, scheduling and time management, budgeting, critical thinking and creativity. To find our more or to book a Jr. Events Pro Workshop for your school contact us today!


Farida Pedhiwala

Event Planner & Manager
Phone: (647) 537-5252