Last week we announced the date for a brand new initiative: Let’s Get Together! Parent Expo | Etobicoke 2017. Event Planner & Manager, Farida Pedhiwala, and her team at Fariday Events are excited to  partner with Let’s Get Together! to make this event a super success!

As we lead up to the big day on May 6th 2017, Let’s Get Together! has given us the opportunity to share our journey with you. With every newsletter we will give you a window to a sneak peek into what’s happening behind the scenes as we prepare for the Parent Expo 2017. Follow our mini blog series and you’ll have yourself a step by step guide to hosting one of the best events in town.

Let’s Get Together – Parent Expo | Etobicoke 2017 is slated to be the first learning-centric expo in the Greater Toronto Area! The Expo will  brings together under its roof resources that cater to families, schools and communities. These  resources are the ultimate quest that any parent, educator, school volunteer and industry decision maker could ever dream of. It is definitely a revolutionary event striving to build the community by encouraging parents’ involvement in their children’s learning experience  through utilizing resources provided by their community.  It also aims to provide parents, school councils and community partners an unparalleled platform to network and grow together. In a nutshell, it’s an event like no other!

Our next posts will take you into a flashback journey of what has already happened. This will help you envision our journey up to this date! We’re really excited about having you at our BackStage Expo,where we have so much to share! Stay tuned and keep watching this spot for your regular dose ofBackStage Expo!

Farida Pedhiwala
Event Planner & Manager