Let’s discuss today our next steps after getting the vital blocks like venue and the event date in place. We know what the event is all about, because we defined a mission statement, so now it’s about letting people know about the wonderful work you plan on doing and spreading the word.

In terms of the Parent Expo 2017, a vital part of our event plan is getting the right exhibitors together so that our expo attendees such as schools, councils, and parents and volunteers may have a fruitful day and meet quality product and service providers that can add value to their endeavours. So our first order of business is to connect with potential exhibitors.

A few pieces you would put together at this point include the following:

  • Save the Date: A simple card that informs the reader about the time, day, date, and place of the event.
  • Sponsorship & Exhibitor Deck: A brief presentation that describes the purpose of the event, the target audience and the different ways in which organizations can be a part of it.
  • Introductory Letter: A personal Letter to your sponsors, exhibitors, schools, or VIP guests inviting them to your event and saying why you’d like them to participate
  • Media Deck: This document gives the reader more insight into you as an organization
  • Marketing Materials: Like flyers, brochures… etc.

Once these documents are in place, you can begin to reach out to the various organizations you believe will add value to your event. Remember a phone call is more personal, than a generic email, and you really want to build a relationship here.

In the <Jr. Events Pros Workshop students learn about writing a sponsorship request letter or the “ask” and they put together Thank you letters to be sent out post event. The documents you create, they speak on your behalf, so take your time to do this right. This step may take longer for a first time event, but the more often you run your event, the easier it gets.

Take a look at our event flyer and remember, booth spaces are going fast! So if you or someone you know would like to be a part of the Parent Expo 2017, connect with us today!

Printable Parent Expo brochure 


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